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June 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

This bicycle, unlike any other sporting equipment fully deserves a place in My Fashion Wish List as this is no ordinary bike. Created in limited numbers it might be the hottest accessory of the summer and it is brought to us by Dolce & Gabbana. The designer duo, Domenico and Stefano are both big lovers of healthy life style hence it is not surprising that they went a step further in promoting sporting activities. The Animalier bicycle reflects the designer brand through and through – from iconic leopard print, to black bell engraved with the logo, to 24k gold branded plate on the leather seat. It is indeed a piece of luxury. The bicycle is designed for ladies only as it features low cut female frame. Style-wise it is very traditional – based on artisan creations it does not have any gears or other fancy modern features. But even the will to pay £1450 for the designer bike will not guaranteethe purchase: the exact number of bikes produced is unknown, but only a handful of stores in major cities around the world will have it on offer. If you are head over heels for it, I suggest you get yourself down to brand’s London boutique asap for more information on availability.

And in case you do purchase it, or indeed if you are just inspired by iconic animal print, there is a whole range of printed accessories to choose from and below are my picks:

  1. Sunglasses,£150 at
  2. Blackberry sleeve, £90 at
  3. Belt, £240 at
  4. T-Shirt, £254 at
  5. iPad Case, £140 at
  6. Scarf, £229 at

Made in China

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

‘Is it possible for a Chinese company to build a worldwide brand?’ is the title of many marketing papers and is a popular topic for deliberation. Indeed with the overwhelming negative attitude surrounding ‘Made in China’ label, many assume that it would be a while before a truly popular brand can emerge out of China. Surprisingly, it might be the realm of fashion that sees the above claim overturned. Indeed for the last year one high street fashion brand from China has been experiencing very fast growth by looking for support from style bloggers, support that it has been receiving in bundles. Indeed if you read a few street style blogs you must have come across Romwe – fashionable and affordable online brand that designs and manufactures its range in China and offers free worldwide shipping. A tempting proposition indeed since the quality of Chinese production is higher than many assume – most of the technologies used in clothing manufacturing are identical to expensive European designer items, some of which have a portion of its production in Asia.

I decided to explore the website to see what the style blogs loved about the brand: I was on lookout for truly trendy items that fit an international fashionable customer and I found a bundle. For example I absolutely love the range of shirts with contrasting detailing (collars and cuffs) and here are my top six picks, all in a very affordable price range:

  1. Montage PU Lapel Silver-Tone Blouse, £22.22
  2. Paillette Embellished Fake Twin-Set Nude-Pink Shirt, £22.88
  3. Leopard Print Chiffon Shirt, £17.65
  4. Off Shoulder White Shirt, £20.92
  5. Oversized Splicing PU Star Black Shirt, £24.18
  6. Paillette Lapel Black Chiffon Shirt, £20.26

I have to be truthful though, while level of trendiness of the clothing is high there are a few things that Romwe should work on to satisfy high demands of international consumer, which of course requires a large financial investment (possibly unachievable at the time yet important enough to be prioritised in the future): items photography is not uniform or of the highest quality which leads to underselling the garments, product names are slightly misleading (second shirt in my selection is referred to by ‘fake twin-set’ leaving me to guess what it’s meant to mean), ‘about us’ page needs major work – it’s not doing the idea or the website justice and requires a few reads to gasp the content leading me to an overall point about the need to work harder on any written material as words like ‘stuff’ should not be used when referred to products, let alone in the description on the home page.

All in all I have to say a very good effort, the kind that can be easily seen in growing sales figure. I have a feeling the brand will do very well in the future, especially if some alterations to the website are made to ensure even the toughest international customer is satisfied with the experience.

Online Outlet Special: Secret Sales

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

As a part of my online fashion outlet special I pick my favourite items from top outlets in order to show you that they can be very fashionable and often not last season at all. is a great outlet website founded in 2007 that offers daily sale events for members only. Samsonite discount is one of the current highlights (I must admit to my love for Samsonite – the quality is superb, no other suitcase brand I had is so durable) but I just had to show case my favourite items from a great luxury handbag sale:

1. Dolce and Gabbana Star Print Shoulder Tote in Black at £520 – a 26% markdown of a current season item with a hottest print. And its not just what on the outside that counts as I absolutely love the contrasting animal print lining.

2. Classic Fendi Roll Bag with a cool twist of patent Leopard Print –  £408 at a 32% discount.

And the best thing about the website is that it offers so much more that just bags, shoes and apparel. Its lifestyle range includes home goods and discounted holidays. Enjoy!

Jewels of Tory Burch

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

i just recently discovered that apart from the most amazing flat shoes called Reva and a range of very cool bags Tory Burch also has a jewellery line. I am impressed, especially with this cute leather animal print cuff. It would look great as a part of a bracelet stack that graces the arms of many celebrities and jewellery lovers because its so different(both the shape and texture).

To tell you the truth I am not a massive bracelet fan – they just always seems to get in the way. Nevertheless I can definitely see myself occasionally wearing this one – it can be a key piece of the outfit hence deserving of a place on my arm. It can be ordered online for $95 from brand’s official website.

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