And If Mulberry Is Not In The Price Range…

October 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

…Check out handbags on Urban Outfitters website! It is easy to see some shape similarities with Mulberry range but the prices are definitely not the same! What I like the most – while Mulberry shapes have been an inspiration for some, you can see that the designs are done really well and they are not just copies – new exciting colours and fabrics make the bags stand out as well designed items in their own right.

1. Kimchi & Blue Two-Tone Lady Bag, £48 (in the style of Mulberry Push Lock)

2. Suede Double Buckle Satchel, £68 (shape resemblance with Mulberry Tillie)

3. Ostrich Lady Bag, £28 (similar to Mole Grey Ostrich Bayswater)

So whatever the budget – get yourself an iconic shaped handbag for this season!

My love for Mulberry Peace & Love

August 8, 2011 § 2 Comments

Bayswater. This classic IT bag was what always came to my mind when I heard ‘Mulberry’ (before the creation of Alexa of course). This season the bag was reinvented. It suddenly became very cool with the addition of Peace & Love charms.  I can just see the bag migrating from the arms of business ladies to fashionistas, not that one person can’t be both of course. The only obstacle to successful migration – £3500 price tag. But if anything is worth investing into, its Mulberry beauties!

It feels like Mulberry can do no wrong now – the brand witnessed phenomenal growth despite the recession all based on a series of stunning bags. I own two Mulberry creations myself, and they are my personal favourites! One of them is an Oversized Tillie in Snake Print, star of last season that featured in the print campaign. This is why I am also very excited about new materials Tillie is made of this season. To see the full range go to

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