In Love With Three Floor

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Central Saint Martins is an amazing institution – so many talented young designers come out of its doors and go on to revolutionise the rules of fashion. This post is about one of its graduates – Han Chong who unlike many other young designers creating his own label decided to go for much lover price position for his Three Floor online brand.

The collection is so fresh and trendy that each and every piece deserves a place on My Fashion Wish List. With a few pastel pieces (pastels are the hottest thing this season – read more here), faux leather and floor-length gowns, it is time to get some Three Floor into your wardrobe. The brand is going to be BIG, mark my words!

Here are my favourites from the current collection available online here:

1. Sugar High Dress, £88
2. Sweet Talk Satin Mini Dress, £65
3. Catch Lace Insert Mini Dress, £68
4. Bear Hug Jumper Dress, £65
5. After Dark High Waist Faux Leather Trousers, £65 and Hanne Crop Top, £39
6. Freha Faux Leather Mesh Insert Culottes, £58 and Rattle Contrast Print Shirt, £45
7. Highlife Maxi Shirt Dress, £85
8. Abbey Lee Lace Insert Maxi Dress, £95

The Headband of Power

September 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Gossip Girl TV series is back with new season.

You may not watch or love the show as much as I do but all would agree – the styling of the girls impeccable, and it is all thanks to Eric Daman. There has been some cast reshuffling before the season and while we are told that Taylor Momsen’s character – Jenny Humphrey moved to London to attend Central Saint Martins, Taylor herself has launched a full blown music career.

And while Gossip Girl proceeds without Little J I can not help myself but add THE item of her wardrobe from previous seasons to my wishlist. It is a Jennifer Behr Crystal Encrusted Headband that Jenny got as a symbol of power over her high school friends. And of course real life is not like high school, but I feel empowered with such a big and sparkly accessory on my head. Plus it is as close as you can get to wearing a tiara in public (obviously if you are older than 7 it is not recommended that you wear one outside your bedroom).

You can purchase the headband and all the associated feelings for £600 from

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