Starheels and the Supers

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday my blog post was dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld’s capsule collection inspired by Olympics and today I decided to stay on the topic and discuss brand new Kurt Geiger capsule collection that takes its inspiration from comic books and superheroes. Based on socially accepted stereotypes, fashion and comic books should not go together – fashion is for those who don’t eat carbs, never take off their heels and are never seen without perfectly blow dried hair while comic books are for the geeky types that play computer games and never leave their rooms. Yet in the postmodernist world of 21st century those stereotypes should be a long forgotten thing, at least that is what my experiences have shown as 4 years ago I used my laptop mainly to play World of Warcraft and now my primary usage of the same device is fashion blog writing. Even if we disregard the communities surrounding comic books and fashion, both are clearly art forms and hence have common ground for mutual inspiration. (I would love to see a comic book inspired by fashion – with super stylish superheroes maybe? Let me know if there is one!)

Now that the inspiration has been legitimised, let’s talk about the collection. Colourful, studded and badass – those three word say it all. Most of the designs are  not for fainthearted: you need to be able to walk in heels and do it well as wedges have narrow base and pumps come with supersize platforms, at the end of the day its all about risking lives with those superheroes, right? But just in case there is an option of flats that are just as colourful and studded without the instability of the uplift. Below are my favourites but you can choose from the whole range of styles and for most from a few colour combinations at and in stores.

  1. Esme in pink, £160
  2. Eris in tan, £190
  3. Esme in black, £150
  4. Elektra in tan, £150
  5. Elektra in pink, £150
  6. Elena in black, £110
  7. Elena in tan, £110

Ancient Greek Sandals

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I don’t know how many of you will agree but when it comes to holiday the idea of wearing heels during the day goes out of the window. The replacement shoes of choice are flat sandals that leave the feet open to enjoy the sun, show off holiday pedicure and get you from A to B in absolute comfort. The only problem is finding a stylish solution – and this year there is only one BIG cool brand to turn to – Ancient Greek Sandals. Created by Christina Martini who has gained immense experience from her years in Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton and her business partner who specialises in shoe production Nicolas Minoglou, these historically inspired fashion pieces for your summery feet are simple yet extremely stylish. The entire collection is designed in neutral colours, many of which come in metallic shades reminiscent of the precious metals used in ancient Greece.
Below are my favourites, but you can find the whole range in various online and department stores.

  1. Ikaria, £130
  2. Aphrodite, £140
  3. Medea, £140
  4. Pythia, £95

My Two Big Loves

January 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

I mean my love for Pastels and Converse! Of course I do absolutely adore high heels, which I am sure you have noticed based on my constant blogging about killer heels, but during the day when I am running around London it is all about flat shoes. Hence my love for Converse – nothing suits my style better (despite pretty large collection of cute ballerina flats of which my favourites are by Tory Burch).

And since new season is all about pastels, it is time to update my Converse range with oh-so-fashionable colour palette! This could not be easier as on Converse website you can design your own perfect shoe – anything from shape to patterns and colours of every single part of the shoe. You can even get your own name sewn into the design. So above are my beautiful Converse I just ordered that will be with me in 3-4 weeks, just in time for good Converse-friendly weather, I hope. All I need is one of those American Apparel Pouches I added to my pastel wish list a few posts back and I tick all the trend boxes!

Create your own here. The pair above is £54.

Make Your Perfect Ballerina

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ballet flats. What would we do without them? This month iconic French shoe maker Repetto teamed up with Selfridges to allow us, the ballet flat lovers to create a perfect shoe by choosing out of 250 colours of leather, bows and trimmings. The pop up atelier is open until 12th September and your unique shoe will cost a minimum of £345. But just imagine no one (apart from people who design identical shoe) will wear the same shoes as you, how very ‘couture’!

At the end of the day it is not just about the resulting shoe but a different shopping experience. I am all up for pop up shops and shopping techniques that involve the customer. Big well done to Repetto, great way to promote the brand!

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