Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

November 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

15th November is tomorrow. And we all know exactly which super important event is happening in the Fashion World on that exact date. Of course it is the launch of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M. This is another one of those awesome H&M project that brings world’s best designer creation to people at affordable prices. Yet by looking at the collection that will hit the stores tomorrow causing hour-long queues I can safely say – not my thing. In fact, I really do wonder if it is going to be anyone’s thing. Some items – surely, but others make me feel they were not made with high street customer in mind. Let me guide your through a selection of items and explain what I mean.

1. Ladies Nº 59 – Invisible wedge ankle boot, £179.99
2. Ladies Nº 58 – Trompe l’oeil sneaker, £69.99
3. Ladies Nº47 – Plexi wedge pump, £149.99
4. Ladies Nº 57 – Candy clutch, £34.99
5. Ladies Nº2 – Body with integrated bra, £29.99
6. Ladies Nº 55 – Candy clutch, £34.99

First 3 pieces are by far my favourite: black ankle boots, comfy high-top trainers and nude pumps are every wardrobe’s essentials. So thank you MMM for adding your creative touch to these absolute must-haves. Next 3 items I am still undecided about, but I love the creativity that went into them while still making those quite wearable. Candy clutches in silver and pink were the first I fell in love with, but that all changed when I saw how oversized they are. And believe me, I love oversized handbags – just not too sure if a foil bag that is nearly half my size is slightly overdoing it. And then the nude body with the bra – another great idea that on the model just looks, well, cheap. My advise – do try it on before purchasing and maybe you will be the lucky person it looks good on.

7.   Ladies Nº4 – Oversized jeans, £39.99
8.   Ladies Nº5 – Oversized turtleneck jumper, £79.99
9.   Ladies Nº26 – Trousers mini skirt, £59.99
10. Ladies Nº27 – Hitched up dress, £99.99

Now, lets move on to the pieces I can not get my head around. 7-10 are probably the most unflattering clothes that have ever been made for women. First let’s have a look at these jeans and jumper. I’m not saying us ladies need to be in skintight clothing at all times, but this oversizing is taking things to the next level. The unwearable level that is. Maybe if I had issues with my weight I would have enjoyed the feeling of wearing clothes at least 10 sizes bigger, but having to actually wrap the jeans around my waist twice and on purpose, does not go down in my morning to do list. Then there is a trouser and mini skirt combo that gives me flashbacks to 90’s. These are not good flashbacks. Some fashion styles should stay in the past forever. And finally – the hitched up dress. In the comments to it, someone said it would be perfect for middle-eastern themed party, but I would not wear one even if I was paid to do it. I do feel sorry for that poor model they hired..

But there is no way I could have finished this blog post/rant without mentioning this final piece. Duvet Coat (£179.99). I was actually rendered speechless when I first saw it and even now I can hardly comment on it. It is hideous. And even if it is made for runway it is not made for the streets. I do hope if anyone actually purchases it they wear it around the house like one of those blankets with sleeves. Or if they go on holiday to a very, very remote mountain area.

All in all, as you have probably guessed I am terribly disappointed. Maybe 15th November is not going to be that special after all!

Not Your Usual Skinny Jeans

November 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It is cold outside and I bet many of you ditched the skirts and resort to your favourite skinnies on daily basis. But I’m here to remind you that wearing jeans should not be mundane and boring – especially not this season!

Topshop is leading the fashion pack of high street retailers by spoiling you for choice: not only are there different colours to choose from, Topshop has been playing with textures hence you can get oh-so-fabulous wet look jeans or even a shiny coated ones!

Here is my top three pairs of jeans by Moto at Topshop you have to add to your wardrobe to spice up your winter (pictured above):

1. Moto Wet Look Coated Skinny Jeans in Burgundy, £40

2. Moto Gem Studded Skinny Jeans in Ecru, £70

3. Moto Coated Leigh Skinny Jeans in Pink, £50 (worn by Amelia Lily on Saturday’s X Factor – love that girl and love matching jeans to hair colour)

Let’s not fall into wearing mundane clothes! ‘Break the mold!’ (As the VO5 adverts state, about hair styling products in their case, but applicable here nevertheless, I hope).

But if you are not ready to step out in colour (I am not judging, maybe next winter?) here is some advise on your more conventionally coloured skinnies. For indigo/black/grey jeans from high street have a look around River Island. I have never been a big fan of their denim collections until recently, but now my wardrobe is filled with multiple colour version of the same style – it just fits right!

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