Knitwear for a Merry Christmas

December 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Merry Christmas, Fashionistas! The day we have all been waiting for is upon us. It is nearly time to rip off those carefully assembled wrappings from presents, consume unbelievable amounts of turkey and alcohol and of course share a merry holiday spirit with the family. But what is just as exciting on Christmas day is seeing everyone in their funky jumpers! While I still love wearing cute ones knitted by my grandma, there are plenty of high quality fashionable option to choose from. This Christmas I am particularly in love with four below, all available on Jumpers My Fashion Wish List

  1. Meadham Kirchhoff jumper with embroided baubles, luxury buy you would find hard not to wear after the celebrations are over. £945
  2. LOT78 Ho! Ho! Ho! jumper – not an obvious Christmas motif, but definitely a fun option. £220
  3. Moschino Reindeer Applique jumper – a more traditional choice, but from personal experience, be careful when choosing white for such a festive day! £396
  4. Moschino Gingerbread turtleneck. Yes indeed, turtleneck. While it is not a knitwear style I usually recommend on My Fashion Wish List, since Christmas day is probably the only day you can pull off something that ridiculous, you might as well use the chance! £396

Not Your Ordinary Sweater

November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

To tell you the truth me and sweaters do not usually get along. I have to be in a special mood to go anywhere near a chunky knit. That is stuck on a snowy mountain or in the middle of a forest, which, lets face it not my day to day environment.

And yet after I have seen those beauties above I suddenly came up with a million and one reasons to wear them and where to wear them to. Indeed Bitching & Junkfood Jumpers are not your usual jumpers – no grandma patters or yucky colours. Those jumpers are creative, fashionable and will make you stand out like a peacock in the barn. Which is obviously what you want to do when its grey and miserable outside. Thank you Bitching & Junkfood for not letting wintery blues hide your creativity!

Purchase Eclectic Fringe Sweater (£150) and Fur Shoulder Aran Sweater (£110) from Use discount code ‘SANTA’ to get 15% off!

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