We Dream of Ice Cream

May 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Maybe its just a logical continuation of a massive pastel trend or maybe it is an interesting micro trend on its own. Whatever the case, fashion developed quite a liking for ice cream recently! Mulberry S/S12 campaign set (seen above) was covered in ice cream while Louis Vuitton campaign featured models indulging in frozen sundaes. But ice cream being used as a prop is not the end of the obsession – ice cream prints, embellishments and even ice cream shaped jewellery can all be found both on high street and in designer boutiques. And the main two players in the game are Mulberry and Topshop, each providing us with a choice of ice cream themed items at various price points so you can get your hands on the yummy goodies whatever your budget. Below are my delicious picks from both brands.

  1. Topshop Crop Sweat, £24 – love the cropped length – exposed midriffs is a trend on its own!
  2. Mulberry Grey Marl Vest,  £100 – so multifunctional, I’d wear it with jeans on the weekend and add to a work skirt and jacket combo for more casual look (for those who don’t have super smart work places of course).
  3. Topshop Printed Slit Back Shirt, £32 – possibly the cutest printed shirt of the season.
  4. Mulberry White Vest, £100 – white version of my beloved multifunctional vest.
  5. Mulberry Sunglasses and Ice Cream Necklace, £170 – barely visible but nevertheless there!
  6. Topshop Ice Cream Collar, £20 – silly statement necklace, perfect for adding eccentric feel to your look.
  7. Mulberry Pale Gold Metal Pin, £70 – it’s been a while since pins were at all fashionable but this one hits the nail on the head!
  8. Topshop Drop Earrings, £6.50 – perfect summer day accessory!

Current Jewellery Obsession 2: Tatty Devine

November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tatty Devine oozes cool. A grassroot DIY company that is quickly becoming a world wide brand based on unlimited creative power – there is hardly a cooler success story. And most of the jewellery is still handmade in Britain (as has been since the beginning in 1999). So its cool and British. Even better.

I love the customisable Perspex name (nickname, favourite book, place etc – just use your imagination) necklaces – a modern twist to Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie necklace. And if you want to add a cheeky twist to your look why not try cartoon eyes pair rings(£30)? And if that is not enough and since it is M(N)ovember and hardly any of us (females) can boast of being able to grow our own moustache why not support the male activists by wearing a wooden one on a chain? £27 is a low price to pay for men’s health awareness.

Purchase a piece of Tatty Devine coolness as their boutiques on Brick Lane and Covent Garden or online at http://www.tattydevine.com.

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