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For a while now, and I mean like two years, I have been thinking about purchasing Mulberry Lily. These little shoulder bags are the British version of small Chanel Flap handbags and are simply perfect for the evening. So for me the problem has never been about whether I want one, but which colour I want to go for. The thing is – there are just so many options with more being added each season, that by the time I make up my mind, the range already expanded. Indeed at the moment there are 30 different styles of Lily available at But a few seasons ago I suddenly got a favourite – a new size of the bag, Large Lily in black, became available and if it wasn’t for the fact it was overly slouchy I would have gone for it straight away. So obviously by the time I finally decided to buy it, it was out of stock and only available in Ink Blue Silky Snake and Snowball White. Anyway the reason I told you this long, not terribly exciting story is to show why I got super excited when I saw Mulberry’s latest addition – Medium Lily (£795). It is simply perfect: suitable both for days and evenings, not slouchy and in choice of classic black and deer brown as well as this season’s hottest dark blush. So my mind is totally made up: not only is there less colour choices but the handbag itself is more versatile. Hence I am in love and will be shortly adding one more Mulberry to my growing collection. Did I manage to convince you to add one to your Fashion Wish List?

All New Versace For H&M

December 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

Breaking news! Versace is doing another collaboration with H&M and it will be released on January 16! The success of the first collection was so great they decided to do one more and I absolutely can not wait – especially since it is cruise collection!  The range is complete from bikinis to shoes, from nighties to jewellery and from dresses to bags. I want to get every single piece, pack it into a cute bag from the collection and jet off somewhere nice and hot. Trouble is this new range will only be released online – so it will be extremely hard to get access to the website on the day as the experience with the first collection already proved. Nevertheless, the obstacle will not stop me from trying to get my hands on the cute clothes and accessories covered in fruits, berries and butterflies. See the selection of my favourite pieces from the preview released earlier today above and let me know what items you will be chasing after.

(Bikinis both £24.99, Earrings 19.99, Shorts £24.99, T-Shirt £19.99, Silk Dress £59.99,  Ballet Pumps £39.99, Bag £99.99).

P.S. Pictures of the new Versace for H&M men’s collection has also been released today and it is amazing – definitely more wearable than the previous one. Something for the few male readers accidentally stumbling on my blog to be excited about.

The Hardest Fashion Choice?

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

For a fashion lover and shopaholic the statement I am about to make expresses the highest degree of commitment (something like eternal love): If I was to only wear handbags from one brand for the rest of my life I would choose Mulberry, with very little hesitation.

And this season only helped to shape my feelings towards it. Mulberry keeps moving at the speed of light – new shapes, textures, colours appear on weekly basis, I simply can not keep up with all the new releases. The new bag which came out today is the Fox Lock Bag (not pictured above). And it is not like I do not love it, I do, it is just there have been so many new arrivals that I just had to take a second, look over the whole season and select my favourites! So here you go, the list of bags I would love to get my hands on:

1. Alexa Deer Brown Quilted Napa, £885. Love the new texture and matching quilted postman lock features.

2. Tillie Midnight Croc Print Suede, £895. In love with the bag shape – great contemporary satchel and if you like your black bags, this texture will spice up the day to day colour.

3. Buckle Bag in Midnight Two Tone Lambskin, £885. New shape alert!  An interesting update to original Alexa’s leather straps are replaced by metal – possibly more practical but definitely very cool.

As you realise I missed out the new reincarnations of Bayswater and Lily as well as brand new Push Lock and Taylor, but I just had to limit myself, otherwise yes – I would not mind every one of them. Told you I am a shopaholic!


Lipsy Strikes Back

August 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

There used to be time when Lipsy e-shop was the destination for my search for night on the town outfits. To this day my wardrobe contains more Lipsy dresses than any of the actual Lipsy stores. This is why it is such a shame that collection after collection I seem to find no new Lipsy dresses that I love. I wonder if it is a change in the design team or the result of accumulating way to many Lipsy dresses.

That all changed today. I actually found it. New lipsy dress that deserves a place on my wish list. Bright colours, bold print and my favourite dress shape – perfect! £50 is a great price too compared to other dresses on the website that are more pricey and yet less exciting. I am sold!

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