Tough As Nails

May 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

If I was getting married, not that I am planning to in the near future, I would not want the whole affair to be ordinary. That’s because a lot of people get married, about 250,000 people in UK each year, and standing out of this very large crowd would indeed be hard. So when it comes to wedding bands I would not want them to be simple and ordinary. That is why I got so inspired by Cartier’s recent reincarnation of 70’s rebellious ring design – Juste un Clou – which is shaped as, well, a nail. I sense this might cause disapproving sighs on the other side of the screen but let me explain my reasoning.

  1. Being so original they satisfy my need to have extraordinary wedding affair (and when I say extraordinary I really don’t mean grand wedding, simply different).
  2. Idiom ‘tough as nails’ comes to mind – and with currently high divorce rates, who would not want a bit of symbolic toughness in their marriage.
  3. They have two designs as if they are made for a couple – bride can wear diamond encrusted ring and groom more simple tougher version.
  4. They are made from 3 different metals: gold, white gold or rose gold allowing you to choose your favourite medium (and if you have seen the latest Apprentice, when I say medium I am not talking about the person you use to contact the other side, Adam).
  5. And last but not the least – it’s Cartier! So even if they are different and rebellious, they ooze class and will attract a lot of attention to your ring finger.

Above pictured rings in white gold are priced at £2,675 and £1,625 respectively.

P.S. To my boyfriend: please don’t freak out and read anything into this.

Do judge the fragrance by the bottle

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stella McCartney repackaged her original perfume into three limited edition flower bottles using the prints from her Spring/Summer 11 collection. The design itself makes me want to buy all three (£35 from Boots), have them on the dresser and use instead of real flower arrangements. The actual perfume is the cherry on top. If you don’t have one already, buy it – rose and amber create a very enchanting fragrance. If you do – get the limited edition one before it runs out. And for all environment lovers there is another plus: it’s organic. Ah, it ticks all my boxes..

The only problem is deciding which one!

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