The Hardest Fashion Choice?

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

For a fashion lover and shopaholic the statement I am about to make expresses the highest degree of commitment (something like eternal love): If I was to only wear handbags from one brand for the rest of my life I would choose Mulberry, with very little hesitation.

And this season only helped to shape my feelings towards it. Mulberry keeps moving at the speed of light – new shapes, textures, colours appear on weekly basis, I simply can not keep up with all the new releases. The new bag which came out today is the Fox Lock Bag (not pictured above). And it is not like I do not love it, I do, it is just there have been so many new arrivals that I just had to take a second, look over the whole season and select my favourites! So here you go, the list of bags I would love to get my hands on:

1. Alexa Deer Brown Quilted Napa, £885. Love the new texture and matching quilted postman lock features.

2. Tillie Midnight Croc Print Suede, £895. In love with the bag shape – great contemporary satchel and if you like your black bags, this texture will spice up the day to day colour.

3. Buckle Bag in Midnight Two Tone Lambskin, £885. New shape alert!  An interesting update to original Alexa’s leather straps are replaced by metal – possibly more practical but definitely very cool.

As you realise I missed out the new reincarnations of Bayswater and Lily as well as brand new Push Lock and Taylor, but I just had to limit myself, otherwise yes – I would not mind every one of them. Told you I am a shopaholic!


And If Mulberry Is Not In The Price Range…

October 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

…Check out handbags on Urban Outfitters website! It is easy to see some shape similarities with Mulberry range but the prices are definitely not the same! What I like the most – while Mulberry shapes have been an inspiration for some, you can see that the designs are done really well and they are not just copies – new exciting colours and fabrics make the bags stand out as well designed items in their own right.

1. Kimchi & Blue Two-Tone Lady Bag, £48 (in the style of Mulberry Push Lock)

2. Suede Double Buckle Satchel, £68 (shape resemblance with Mulberry Tillie)

3. Ostrich Lady Bag, £28 (similar to Mole Grey Ostrich Bayswater)

So whatever the budget – get yourself an iconic shaped handbag for this season!

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