What Topshop Got Right

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, Topshop gets a lot of things right, let’s not question that. But out of the whole range it has provided us this Autumn (and admittedly as a king of fast fashion it has given us a massive amount to choose from), there is one particular thing that sticks out as ‘spot on’. And that is the beautiful print dresses.

Here I want to highlight two dresses that epitomise this year’s fabulous Topshop design – Wallpaper Ombre Midi Shirt Dress and Multi Animal Print Ombre Dress (£80 ans £50 respectively). If you only buy two things from the store, stick to these – they are what I call the ‘easy to wear’ pieces meaning once you put them on you do not have to spend much time on picking the right shoes or doing your hair – anything will go because these dresses already make the outfit on their own. Hence, easy to wear!

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