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October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

In my previous two blog posts I wrote about my love for interchangeable pouches for Charlotte Olympia clutch and my current obsession with statement jewellery. Well, this blog post is about absolutely stunning earrings that combine both of those passions.

First of all these earrings are completely interchangeable.  You can choose your own center plate from a range of metals and coloured enamels like rose gold and black enamel on the pictures above. You can also select the drops to add to the earrings – pearl, citrine, rose quartz and many more. The earrings look great even without the central plate! So as you can imagine I am absolutely in love with the flexibility of this piece of jewellery – you simply would not need any other earrings and you can adjust them for any outfit or occasion. Also it is a big saving – you only have to purchase the diamond encrusted base once.

And secondly (not that the first point is not enough already) these earrings make a statement and will easily be the center of an outfit – you would not need any other jewellery either.

So, who makes these beautiful and very clever earrings? Lisa Abrahmsohn, an experienced and passionate London based designer and a founder of a jewellery brand TRELLIS. Visit their website to see other clever jewellery and find out more about these Paisley earrings. (The completed Paisley Rose Gold earrings on the picture above are £5,275).

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