The Royal Tulisa

November 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tulisa Contostavlos, one of this years new X-Factor judges, is nowadays unrecognisable. Long gone is the urban hip hop band member attitude and with that the corresponding fashion choices. Now this young lady is dressed impeccably and gives fellow judge Kelly Rowland run for her money.

And one thing Tulisa is doing to up her fashion credit (as in direct opposite to street credit) is choosing the right designers to be associated with. This week everyone is talking about her loyalty to Bruce Oldfield, whose stunning creations she worn twice on the show. Let me tell you, when you wear a dress like that you are not just wearing a dress, you project the vision of the designer and the symbolism of his creations. And Bruce Oldfield comes with a lot of symbolism as his dresses have been worn by Royals from all around the world (including the Queen herself) and happy brides on their biggest day in their life (the bridal collection is to die for, go to and indulge your hidden desires to be a bride, whether or not it is on the cards in the near future).

Back to the lady of the hour – she doesn’t just look stunning, she looks magnificently royal without letting us forget that she is young and sexy. So if you are asking yourself how is this connected to My Fashion Wishlist, here is the answer – I want to look stunning, magnificently royal and sexy at the same time, too. So Bruce Oldfield Couture is right on my wishlist!

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