Shoe Collection by Cheryl Cole

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

As I have mentioned before in the blog post about shoe collection by Rachel Bilson, Cheryl Cole’s shoe line was about to be unveiled. And here it is.

I was very excited – I absolutely adore Cheryl and her style. I love how she inspired the nation to follow her Big Hair trend, how she changed her look recently to appear more modern by dying he locks honey blond and cutting them short, how she dresses up her petite figure and can pull of anything, I bet even a potato sack.

BUT when I actually saw the collection I was quite disappointed – I expected the glitz and the glamour since that is what people love about Cheryl and want to get a piece of in day to day life. I also expected something unique and extraordinary like Cheryl herself – there is only one national sweetheart and buying a shoe which is marketed as a piece of Cheryl should feel special. But most importantly I expected the quality: if I was Cheryl I would not put my name on anything that did not look well made, and frankly the shoes don’t.

The collection has a few party shoes, the ones above Glam Slam Disco Ball actually make models feet look over-sized due to thin straps and thick heel and platform. A few Autumn/Winter shoe boots are also present but I’m not a fan: I can see that Freak Le Chic boots were inspired by Prada, but I can not imagine the Black and Red strap boots looking good with anything. The only shoes that are worth checking out are Byker Groove Mucky Puppy Boot in brown and T.L.C. flat boots with cuff detail. Those would be good for trip to the country side or to add to your weekend wardrobe, but this is not the designs Cheryl should be promoting – this is her off duty look and hardly many people want to buy Cheryl Cole boots they will wear in their garden.

And the last negative point goes out to people who came up with names of the boots. Funky Munky, Hot to Trot and Your Royal Hotness are just some of the examples of outrageously cheap sounding names. In my eyes a shoe collection by Cheryl should be more classy than that!

So altogether a massive disappointment. My message to Cheryl: we still love you but please next time try collaborating with someone who really understands what image you should be projecting.

Go see it for yourself at

End of rant.

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