Shoes On Everyone’s Wish List

March 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

Hello Louboutins, it’s been a while. Despite most fashion wish lists consisting of these red soled killer heels, My Fashion Wish List hasn’t had a post devoted to them for a while. And now is the most appropriate time – since Louboutin just started it’s 20th anniversary celebration and released not just seasonal collection, but special anniversary collection consisting of some of the best selling Louboutins ever.

But first let’s start with my favourites from Spring Summer 2012 collection. It was hard to limit myself to 6 (I usually go for 6 since it looks good in a post) so I allowed myself a cheeky 7th pick.

  1. Meteorita, £1065 – strappy sandals taken to the new level with cobra snake skin inserts.
  2. Asteroid, £1068 – already worn by a few celebrities and are known to be used is self defence or self harm due to very sharp studs.
  3. Torero Embroided Turquoise Crepe Satin – striking colour combination.
  4. Lady Max, £895 – once again the dangerous spikes come out to play, this time in sandals.
  5. Pigalle Pollock, £385 – this season Louboutin adds a splash of colour to the famous shape, literally.
  6. Metal Nodo Gold Finish Leather and Metal Bow – my secret favourites, who doesn’t like a few bows here and there?
  7. Bollywoody Embroided Hot Pink Suede With Strass – transform your feet to distant lands with Bollywood inspired heels.

And now let’s move the special treat – 20th anniversary collection which is brimmed with His Shoe Majesty’s (Christian Louboutin) top picks from over the years.

  1. Daf Booty, £1,195 – futuristic to the point I think if there were female stormtroopers they would wear those (pardon the geeky Star Wars related comment).
  2. Isolde, £2,395 – that’s what people mean when they say ‘killer heels’
  3. Lady Gres, £695 – massive hidden platform, that’s why the brand is so popular with vertically challanged girls (Paula Abdul, Victoria Beckham, moi)
  4. Bois Dore, £825 – woven heel, imagination of Louboutin has no bounds.
  5. Armadillo Bride, £695 – I love them so much I might as well get married in them. Hence the ‘Bride’ I suppose.
  6. Unzip Booty, £935 – optical illusion 1: at first glance it is hard to tell exactly what zip to put them on.
  7. Bow Bow, £725 – optical illusion 2: when worn bows seem to be attached directly to skin.

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