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June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

For decades now happiness brought about by material things has been questioned in our society and many started to promote the abandonment of materialism for higher and elevated aims in life like altruism.

Many of you might immediately question the reason a blog that seems to be promoting all things bad in the world (aka consumption) with a title like My Fashion Wish List will suddenly start discussing materialism in a negative light. Indeed as a fan of fashion and shopping it is extremely hard to say no to earthly desires of consumerism. Yet nowadays more and more fashion brands are turning altruistic and we no longer need to make a choice between purchasing things we love and being green or helping others. Think of all the organic brands, charitable items and fair trade fashion that has emerged in recent years and you will be convinced that a start on a journey to more sustainable and fair fashion world is already in progress.

That is why it is once again my honor to promote not just a brand I fell in love with due to the quality and trendiness of their designs, but because they stand for something bigger, because they represent one of those altruistic companies that from the origin aim to not just serve the customers of the developed world, but help the people of developing countries where the goods are produced with grassroot schemes that really make the difference.

Ana De Costa, an award winning designer who graduated from Central St. Martins is known for creating one-of-a-kind jewellery after gaining experience at Theo Fennell and one of my favourite jewellery brands Erickson Beamon. However inspsired by Peruvean jewellery making traditions she also designs for the ethical brand CHAVIN, which this blog post is about.

Made in Peru under strict environmental and human rights refulations these items are not just people- and environmentally-friendly but they give back to the community, not through donations but teaching sustainable skills and educating locals. And while the whole range thus has a positive impact on the people of this South American country, the new range of bracelets goes further. These ‘caring bracelets’ (numbers 1 and 3 on the pictures) are a part of a campaign to raise money to help women through SOS Children organisation that works in the area. Each bracelet is named after a Peruvian mother who is benefiting from the scheme by learning sustainable skills that improve the economic position of her family in the long run.

All in all, the fashion world must be thankful to Chavin Jewellery for setting a great example of producing high quality, trendy fashion items while at the same time looking after communities they are made in. Hopefully even more brand will soon follow.

Below are my favourite pieces from the range. Read more about the brand and shop their products at their website.

  1. Otilia Oxidised Sterling Silver Jaguar Flower Caring Bracelet, £54
  2. Rose Gold Vermeil Double Jaguar Head Ring with Rubies and Sterling Silver Band, £108
  3. Cynthia Rose Gold Vermeil Jaguar Pattern Caring Bracelet, £72
  4. Oxidised Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Gemstone Cocktail Ring, £310.50
  5. Jaguar Oxidised Sterling Silver Bangle with Black Diamonds, £229.50
  6. Rose Gold Vermeil Small Jaguar Flower Necklace, £153

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