Autumn Staple: Biker Boots

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With the last days of summer fast approaching it is time to start getting ready for new season and welcome Autumn/Winter 2012 fashion. In the first post dedicated to autumn wardrobe overhaul I have decided to concentrate on staple and classic item of my own wardrobe (and millions of other wardrobes around the globe for that matter) – biker boots. Living in London, with its mono-season weather I can get away with wearing biker boots practically every day, but it is autumn in particular when I simply don’t leave the house without a pair of them on. They are cool, comfy and city-friendly, which is more or less the only requirements I have for my footwear. Below I picked out my favourites that will suit every wallet with a price ranging from £30 to £650, enjoy!

  1. Frye Biker Boot, £177, available at – if you like them neat and uncluttered, this boot is for you
  2. Ash Titan Antique Studded Ankle Boots, £279 – from the brand that makes some of the most classic biker boots on high street
  3. Fiorentini and Baker Elis Eternity Studded Biker Boot, £295, available at – slouchy top for misfit look
  4. Via Roma XV. S.Mortiz Biker Boot, £146, available at – with tired looking cotton panel those boots have a nicely worn-in look
  5. Asos America Biker Boot, £55 – perfect choice for those on the budget
  6. Topshop Davidson Biker Wellies, £30 – for a rainy day
  7. Jimmy Choo Rabbit Lined Leather Biker Boots, £650, available at – the investment piece made to last and thanks to the fury lining will be in use both autumn and winter
  8. Ash Trash Antique Studded Leather Boots, £309 – the tall version of the previously shown Ash boot and it comes in brown, for those bored of black
  9. River Island Lace Up Biker Boots, £75 – just in case buckles are not enough

The Ragged Priest

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Close your eyes and imagine what really cool urban fashion looks like right now. (Now open them and carry on reading.) Nowadays the coolest items out there are covered in studs, are pastel, have a bit of dip/tie dye thing going on and are either cropped or totally oversized (perfect length and fit are so not in). And surprise surprise there is just the brand that this season has put all of those elements together and created the most perfect on trend denim collection ever. Meet The Ragged Priest.

I noticed the brand last season – wool jumpers patched up with studded leather, dark colours and a lot of denim looked interesting. But it was not until a few months ago, once revealing S/S12 collection Ragged Priest exploded – all the cool girls in town are wearing it and our favourite celebrity crushes are promoting the brand world wide (think about studded pieces Rihanna and Jessy J wore recently and chances are they were created by this brand).

But the coolness does not stop there – each piece starts off as a vintage items that is transformed to its new look (you can so steal some of the creative ideas for DIY fashion) making the exact size/colour/pattern more or less unique. And the prices are totally cool as well – completely in the high street range despite being way cooler (pardon my slight obsession with how cool this brand is).

So if you like my picks, check out the whole range at their online boutique1. Candy Striper Shirt, £45
2. Albino Sweatshirt Crop, £45
3. Bon Bon Gilet, £65
4. Gnarly Denim Jacket, £90

5. Limited Edition Shorts, £95
6. Toxic Waste Shorts, £40
7. Apple Jack Shorts, £65

Things I Love

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I love Alexander McQueen collections. I love Sarah Burton’s creativity. I also love the idea of diffusion lines: there are so many successes (Miu Miu, D&G, See by Chloe to name a few). I also love colourful accents and I love love love studs. Those five reasons should be more than enough to explain why I am drooling over McQ Spring Summer 12 bag collection. I must admit some of the shapes will require getting used to (saddle bag is an exception) e.g. you will need to work out exactly how to fit all the essentials into that clutch, but it is worth it: you are getting a top notch design, quality and trendiness for much lower price. Who would not want a few of these McQ fashion rock chick accessories? Available in surprisingly large range of colours, here are my favourites:

  1. Studded Clutch £140
  2. Clerkenwell Studded Shoulder Bag, £425
  3. Amwell Studded Leather Saddle Bag, £370

Love for Studs

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It is not like I don’t already have a collection of studded accessories. Yet for some reason whenever I see anything with studs on I am immediately drawn to it. Plus my subconsciousness is even more affected if there is any colour selection for those studded pieces. This is why when I came across those sweet little wrist bags by Rachel Ruddick on my leisurely stroll through Selfrgidges, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately knew: that is what love at first sight feels like.

Rachel Ruddick collection arrived at Selfridges early last year and caused a massive stir straight away with many items selling out within a few weeks. The buyers were ecstatic, and so was Rachel – with no design experience she just went there and did it. This went to prove that sometimes a business approach and experience of the industry is all you need to achieve success: Rachel worked in management at Christian Dior and after a while noticed that Australian leather that is often used for crafting luxury leather goods was not a central piece in any brand – so in 2008 she went off to establish her own accessories label.

Long story short, in 2011 she came up with a range of studded wristlets in various colours and materials, which made it into Selfridges shop floor in early 2012, which lead to me walking past them and immediately falling in love. Pick your colour, at £160 this high quality leather item is to die for!

Not Your Usual Skinny Jeans

November 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

It is cold outside and I bet many of you ditched the skirts and resort to your favourite skinnies on daily basis. But I’m here to remind you that wearing jeans should not be mundane and boring – especially not this season!

Topshop is leading the fashion pack of high street retailers by spoiling you for choice: not only are there different colours to choose from, Topshop has been playing with textures hence you can get oh-so-fabulous wet look jeans or even a shiny coated ones!

Here is my top three pairs of jeans by Moto at Topshop you have to add to your wardrobe to spice up your winter (pictured above):

1. Moto Wet Look Coated Skinny Jeans in Burgundy, £40

2. Moto Gem Studded Skinny Jeans in Ecru, £70

3. Moto Coated Leigh Skinny Jeans in Pink, £50 (worn by Amelia Lily on Saturday’s X Factor – love that girl and love matching jeans to hair colour)

Let’s not fall into wearing mundane clothes! ‘Break the mold!’ (As the VO5 adverts state, about hair styling products in their case, but applicable here nevertheless, I hope).

But if you are not ready to step out in colour (I am not judging, maybe next winter?) here is some advise on your more conventionally coloured skinnies. For indigo/black/grey jeans from high street have a look around River Island. I have never been a big fan of their denim collections until recently, but now my wardrobe is filled with multiple colour version of the same style – it just fits right!

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