Love for Studs

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is not like I don’t already have a collection of studded accessories. Yet for some reason whenever I see anything with studs on I am immediately drawn to it. Plus my subconsciousness is even more affected if there is any colour selection for those studded pieces. This is why when I came across those sweet little wrist bags by Rachel Ruddick on my leisurely stroll through Selfrgidges, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately knew: that is what love at first sight feels like.

Rachel Ruddick collection arrived at Selfridges early last year and caused a massive stir straight away with many items selling out within a few weeks. The buyers were ecstatic, and so was Rachel – with no design experience she just went there and did it. This went to prove that sometimes a business approach and experience of the industry is all you need to achieve success: Rachel worked in management at Christian Dior and after a while noticed that Australian leather that is often used for crafting luxury leather goods was not a central piece in any brand – so in 2008 she went off to establish her own accessories label.

Long story short, in 2011 she came up with a range of studded wristlets in various colours and materials, which made it into Selfridges shop floor in early 2012, which lead to me walking past them and immediately falling in love. Pick your colour, at £160 this high quality leather item is to die for!

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