Jewellery Week Special: Gina Stewart Cox

June 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is a blog post about a brand I discovered, and which I just had to share with you,  during London Jewellery Week Treasure Exhibition Launch Event. To read my report on the event look it up on my twitter @fashionwishlist.

If you read my blog on regular basis, you would know by now I am a sucker for bracelets especially if they are made for being worn in a combination with others. I have a few which I hardly ever take off, they are my constant companions that went with me through thick and thin and have been collected from wonderful places I visited as memorabilia you always have on you or came from my favourite jewellery designers. And now I am ready to add another one to the collection – one designed by Gina Stewart Cox.

Durable cord, precious metals and gemstones – the whole range relies on top quality material and that is exactly what I am always looking for since I don’t want to part with the bracelet just after a few months of wear. And even when the cord wears out (say in a year or more), you can send it back and get a new cord put in, which is just the right level of post-purchase service you want! And another great thing – all the bracelets are unisex! Having said that if you are buying one for your boyfriend, do stay away from pinks and purples as well as those with gemstones – while unisex, they are not all masculine! And believe it or not there is yet another thing I love about this jewellery brand! Gina’s company has been supporting Elephant Conservation Network that works in Thailand – always great to see successful companies giving back!

Above are my favourite pieces in the colours I picked (there are lots more variations on the website). And here are the prices:

  1. Five Twelve Silver Circle, £41
  2. Chain Poquito Long, £49
  3. Solo Swarovski Aquamarine Piece, £36.50
  4. Knot Silver,£42
  5. Pure Bold, £70
  6. Diamond Single Emerald, £250

Jewellery Week Special: Jenny Llewellyn

June 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

This is a blog post about a very exciting brand I came across during London Jewellery Week Treasure Exhibition Launch Event. To read my report on the event look it up on my twitter @fashionwishlist.

At first look this jewellery appears to be alive – delicate and natural it requires a double take to grasp the idea behind the design. In fact this jewellery is made out of colourful and luminescent (yes, it glows in the dark!) silicon crafted into various shapes and set in precious metals. While there is a wide range of collections, my faivourite by far is Plume and Who Needs Pearls, items from which are presented on the pictures above. If you are looking for statement pieces that will draw attention and excite fashion lovers with unique approach to design – this is a brand for you!

Jenny Llewellyn is an East London designer that graduated from Middlesex University 5 years ago with a BA degree in Jewellery making and since then pursued designing and promoting her own jewellery brand. Her inspiration often comes from the deep sea live, which gives the pieces a very harmonious natural feel.

Who Needs Pearls collection, which was launched at the event I had a pleasure to attend, is really striking. At a fraction of the price of real pearls and of course with no ethical questions of pearl harvesting, this is a jewellery gem indeed. I could not help myself but feel like I want, indeed need each and every pearl-inspired item!

To see where you can purchase this jewellery visit their website or online shop carrying a limited range

The prices for the jewellery on the picture above is as follows: Blue/Green Plume necklace £800, Three Cup studs in gold £80, Blue/Green Cascade earrings in gold £230, Who Needs Pearls necklace £1200 and Pink/Orange Plume hoops £155.

Jewellery Week Special: Grace Hamilton

June 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

On Thursday 14th I had a pleasure to attend a launch event for Jewellery Week’s main exhibition – Treasure. You can read more about my experiences in the tweet session I did the day after by following @fashionwishlist. This post is about one of the most striking jewellery brands I met during the event.

During my chat to Grace Hamilton a few things became clear.  Firstly, she is a fun and exciting person and her character reflects well in the jewellery. Secondly, her creations are all about inspiration: shape inspired by love of sculpture and a scene from the fish market where on the display was a box of live eels that were slowly intertwining with each other, while colours come from her travels to distant lands of African continent. And thirdly, she is very meticulous when it comes to her jewellery as every step of the creation process is done with her own hands – from dying the yarn to crocheting each item for days at a time (some of the pieces take 2 days and hence are priced around £295, while others including the central necklaces on the photo above take a week and are around £750).

Colourful and well, big, Grace Hamilton necklaces take center stage of the outfits being the statement pieces that tie together the look. They are perfect for the eccentric fashion lover and for one off special looks. And they could not be more perfect for summer wedding season for all those searching for striking and memorable jewellery that would go well with the urban wedding theme. I can totally see myself wearing a knee length simple T-shirt shape silk dress in some vibrant colour and one of Grace Hamilton necklaces. Perfection.

To find more about the brand visit their website and Grace Hamilton’s own blog.

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