Jewellery Week Special: Grace Hamilton

June 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

On Thursday 14th I had a pleasure to attend a launch event for Jewellery Week’s main exhibition – Treasure. You can read more about my experiences in the tweet session I did the day after by following @fashionwishlist. This post is about one of the most striking jewellery brands I met during the event.

During my chat to Grace Hamilton a few things became clear.  Firstly, she is a fun and exciting person and her character reflects well in the jewellery. Secondly, her creations are all about inspiration: shape inspired by love of sculpture and a scene from the fish market where on the display was a box of live eels that were slowly intertwining with each other, while colours come from her travels to distant lands of African continent. And thirdly, she is very meticulous when it comes to her jewellery as every step of the creation process is done with her own hands – from dying the yarn to crocheting each item for days at a time (some of the pieces take 2 days and hence are priced around £295, while others including the central necklaces on the photo above take a week and are around £750).

Colourful and well, big, Grace Hamilton necklaces take center stage of the outfits being the statement pieces that tie together the look. They are perfect for the eccentric fashion lover and for one off special looks. And they could not be more perfect for summer wedding season for all those searching for striking and memorable jewellery that would go well with the urban wedding theme. I can totally see myself wearing a knee length simple T-shirt shape silk dress in some vibrant colour and one of Grace Hamilton necklaces. Perfection.

To find more about the brand visit their website and Grace Hamilton’s own blog.

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