Yes, this article deserves a place on my wish list!

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is September issue of Tatler. It contains one of the best fashion articles I have ever read. I want to cut it out and frame it. Seriously!

It is not about fashion icons or newest trends. It is about us. How we feel in particular situations. And how clothes help us be perceived the way we want. After all fashion is all about showing who you really are to the world. This article is written so humorously that first it comes across as a joke. That is before you stumble across a situation you have experienced and realise that jokes aside it is all there, bare truth.

So turn to page 136 for 12 best pages in all the September issues out there and see exactly what you need to wear to suit your mood and attitude to a series of events that we have to deal with on daily basis.

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