Gangsta Paradise

February 25, 2012 § 9 Comments

When was the last time you wore high tops and felt super fashionable? The answer is most likely to be never, until now that is. Fashion world is currently in love with high tops, but my obsession is more specific – I love high tops with hidden wedge. The look is perfect for current sport de lux trend, plus who does not like a bit of a height boost (ok, I know a lot of girls out there don’t need the extra centimeters, but with my 5’5”/166 cm it is very desirable). So whether you call them sneakers, trainers or just high tops this new shoe type is in high demand!

  1. Ash Cool Suede Strapped Wedge Trainers, £139
  2. Asos Ark Leather Wedge Ankle Boots in Brown, £85
  3. Asos Ark Leather Wedge Ankle Boots in Off White, £85
  4. See by Chloe Lace Up Wedge Sneakers in Beige, £262
  5. See by Chloe Wedge Sneakers, £260
  6. See by Chloe Lace Up Wedge Sneakers in Petalo, £262
  7. Aldo Nedz Concealed Wedge Suede Trainers, £80
  8. Ash Thelma Leather Buckle Wedge Trainers, £145
  9. Ash Bea Colourblock Wedge Trainers, £169

And if the brown to nude versions are so last season for your color taste, Marc by Marc Jacobs High Tops are the answer!

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§ 9 Responses to Gangsta Paradise

  • Lauren Bailey says:

    where are the marc by marc jacobs high tops available to buy?

  • Chipmasta says:

    How much for the colorful ones!???

  • […] will look epic with high top wedge gangsta trainers about which I recently blogged (have a look here)? Extra-large gold chain necklace that is definitely inspired by 90′s rap stars. On a more […]

  • hmmmm a friend asked me to find some Isabel Marant willow sneakers for their sister as a birthday gift recently. After trawling pages and pages of these things i kind of had more and more of an urge to have my very own pair. Okay part of wanting to be in the cool club did add to this, but they are edgy you can’t deny it. But since seeing the Ash wedged trainers; look so similar but with a more feminine two velcro strap front rather than three bulky (in my eyes), ugly velcro straps, they’re a cheaper, prettier option. And like you said with a hidden wedge.. and a little les height, it is very desirable 😉

    Whats your views of Isabel Marant’s variation?

    • MyFashionWishList says:

      I love Isabel Marant version too, especially the more colourful ones! I agree they are very similar and with monetary constrains I would go for Ash myself! Absolutely love your comment about joining the cool club, that’s what fashion trends are all about!

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