Jewellery Week Special: Allumer

June 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

This blog post is about a fun jewellery brand I came across while visiting the launch of the Treasure Exhibition, a part of London Jewellery Week. To find out more about my experiences at the event check our my twitter account @fashionwishlist.Indeed this brand is super fun. Creating wearable jewellery that you would not want to part with on daily basis, it’s cool, trendy and cheeky.

I adore gold, silver and rhodium match necklaces (top picture) that have a precious stone tips including Amethyst, Topaz and Pink Tourmaline. Symbolising light and life, these matches are perfect as meaningful presents and with varied stone colours could be chosen as ‘his and hers’ necklaces. Another favourite: gold Allumette necklaces (bottom left picture) that come with a small bell in various colours and look great if you have a few of them around your neck, but careful – make sure you won’t be annoyed by bell sounds! Apart from necklaces jewellery brand creates bracelets – simple gummy bracelets might at first remind you of the ones you wore back at school but a gold plate with diamond attached to the bracelet will make sure you know you are now all grown up! And on top of funky jewellery designs I love their packaging idea – every product comes in a little match box. ‘Light up someone’s life’ indeed!

As you can tell I quickly became a big fan of the Allumer, and I am not the only one! Various celebrities have been spotted sporting their designs – Kate Moss, Princess Beatrice, Daisy Lowe and pretty much the entire cast of Made in Chelsea! It is quite fascinating that such a successful brand was formed reacting to demand: founder-designer Nathasha Leith-Smith did not plan to start a jewellery brand when she made a single friendship bracelet for her best friend igniting the spark of word of mouth that drove the demand.

You can find more about the jewellery and purchase the pieces on their website (which does need some work but this is the only negative thing I can say regarding Allumer, and that’s the easiest one to correct). Prices are as follows: Match necklace £12o-138, Allumette necklace £24 and Gummy bracelets £120-150.

Jewellery Week Special: Grace Hamilton

June 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

On Thursday 14th I had a pleasure to attend a launch event for Jewellery Week’s main exhibition – Treasure. You can read more about my experiences in the tweet session I did the day after by following @fashionwishlist. This post is about one of the most striking jewellery brands I met during the event.

During my chat to Grace Hamilton a few things became clear.  Firstly, she is a fun and exciting person and her character reflects well in the jewellery. Secondly, her creations are all about inspiration: shape inspired by love of sculpture and a scene from the fish market where on the display was a box of live eels that were slowly intertwining with each other, while colours come from her travels to distant lands of African continent. And thirdly, she is very meticulous when it comes to her jewellery as every step of the creation process is done with her own hands – from dying the yarn to crocheting each item for days at a time (some of the pieces take 2 days and hence are priced around £295, while others including the central necklaces on the photo above take a week and are around £750).

Colourful and well, big, Grace Hamilton necklaces take center stage of the outfits being the statement pieces that tie together the look. They are perfect for the eccentric fashion lover and for one off special looks. And they could not be more perfect for summer wedding season for all those searching for striking and memorable jewellery that would go well with the urban wedding theme. I can totally see myself wearing a knee length simple T-shirt shape silk dress in some vibrant colour and one of Grace Hamilton necklaces. Perfection.

To find more about the brand visit their website and Grace Hamilton’s own blog.

Chavin Jewellery

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For decades now happiness brought about by material things has been questioned in our society and many started to promote the abandonment of materialism for higher and elevated aims in life like altruism.

Many of you might immediately question the reason a blog that seems to be promoting all things bad in the world (aka consumption) with a title like My Fashion Wish List will suddenly start discussing materialism in a negative light. Indeed as a fan of fashion and shopping it is extremely hard to say no to earthly desires of consumerism. Yet nowadays more and more fashion brands are turning altruistic and we no longer need to make a choice between purchasing things we love and being green or helping others. Think of all the organic brands, charitable items and fair trade fashion that has emerged in recent years and you will be convinced that a start on a journey to more sustainable and fair fashion world is already in progress.

That is why it is once again my honor to promote not just a brand I fell in love with due to the quality and trendiness of their designs, but because they stand for something bigger, because they represent one of those altruistic companies that from the origin aim to not just serve the customers of the developed world, but help the people of developing countries where the goods are produced with grassroot schemes that really make the difference.

Ana De Costa, an award winning designer who graduated from Central St. Martins is known for creating one-of-a-kind jewellery after gaining experience at Theo Fennell and one of my favourite jewellery brands Erickson Beamon. However inspsired by Peruvean jewellery making traditions she also designs for the ethical brand CHAVIN, which this blog post is about.

Made in Peru under strict environmental and human rights refulations these items are not just people- and environmentally-friendly but they give back to the community, not through donations but teaching sustainable skills and educating locals. And while the whole range thus has a positive impact on the people of this South American country, the new range of bracelets goes further. These ‘caring bracelets’ (numbers 1 and 3 on the pictures) are a part of a campaign to raise money to help women through SOS Children organisation that works in the area. Each bracelet is named after a Peruvian mother who is benefiting from the scheme by learning sustainable skills that improve the economic position of her family in the long run.

All in all, the fashion world must be thankful to Chavin Jewellery for setting a great example of producing high quality, trendy fashion items while at the same time looking after communities they are made in. Hopefully even more brand will soon follow.

Below are my favourite pieces from the range. Read more about the brand and shop their products at their website.

  1. Otilia Oxidised Sterling Silver Jaguar Flower Caring Bracelet, £54
  2. Rose Gold Vermeil Double Jaguar Head Ring with Rubies and Sterling Silver Band, £108
  3. Cynthia Rose Gold Vermeil Jaguar Pattern Caring Bracelet, £72
  4. Oxidised Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Gemstone Cocktail Ring, £310.50
  5. Jaguar Oxidised Sterling Silver Bangle with Black Diamonds, £229.50
  6. Rose Gold Vermeil Small Jaguar Flower Necklace, £153

Inspired By The Times Past

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Statement earrings are my total weakness. Not that I wear them much to tell you the truth. When I put a pair on, usually simple diamond earrings suitable for daily wear, I get stuck in them for months. I just don’t take them off – not for parties or even showers and bedtimes. For me, a change of earrings requires a specific mood (I am just lazy when it comes to earrings), and it does help when the substitute earrings are inspiring.
And that is exactly why I am head over heels in love with Dicha Jewellery and their statement earrings. The company was established in 2009 by two business partners Diane and Chantal who previously worked together on fashion and beauty brands. The pieces manage to be striking but not in the ‘wear-once-with-that-specific-outfit’ kinda way. They are classic and timeless as the designs are inspired by (and often made with) antique statement pieces. Indeed such timelessness combined with attention-drawing effect makes me abandon my usual laziness towards earrings’ swap!
Below are my picks from the current collection, to explore other jewellery inspired by the times past or for purchases visit their website.

  1. 40’s inspired Carola, £350
  2. Silver and Agate Mira, £215
  3. 30’s inspired Vina, £350
  4. Pink Agate creation Ciara, £338
  5. Selia Deco design, £300
  6. Cornelia (very Prada-esque), £350

We Dream of Ice Cream

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Maybe its just a logical continuation of a massive pastel trend or maybe it is an interesting micro trend on its own. Whatever the case, fashion developed quite a liking for ice cream recently! Mulberry S/S12 campaign set (seen above) was covered in ice cream while Louis Vuitton campaign featured models indulging in frozen sundaes. But ice cream being used as a prop is not the end of the obsession – ice cream prints, embellishments and even ice cream shaped jewellery can all be found both on high street and in designer boutiques. And the main two players in the game are Mulberry and Topshop, each providing us with a choice of ice cream themed items at various price points so you can get your hands on the yummy goodies whatever your budget. Below are my delicious picks from both brands.

  1. Topshop Crop Sweat, £24 – love the cropped length – exposed midriffs is a trend on its own!
  2. Mulberry Grey Marl Vest,  £100 – so multifunctional, I’d wear it with jeans on the weekend and add to a work skirt and jacket combo for more casual look (for those who don’t have super smart work places of course).
  3. Topshop Printed Slit Back Shirt, £32 – possibly the cutest printed shirt of the season.
  4. Mulberry White Vest, £100 – white version of my beloved multifunctional vest.
  5. Mulberry Sunglasses and Ice Cream Necklace, £170 – barely visible but nevertheless there!
  6. Topshop Ice Cream Collar, £20 – silly statement necklace, perfect for adding eccentric feel to your look.
  7. Mulberry Pale Gold Metal Pin, £70 – it’s been a while since pins were at all fashionable but this one hits the nail on the head!
  8. Topshop Drop Earrings, £6.50 – perfect summer day accessory!

The Hottest Affordable Jewelery

May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Twitter is great. Especially when it connects you to things you are interested it. Just yesterday I came across Regal Rose jewellery on twitter and I could not wait to share it with you. I am not their first fashion fan – indeed their jewellery has been featured in various fashion magazines over the years including InStyle, Cosmopolitan, More, Now, Ok and The Observer. There is an obvious reason why – it is hot trendy and super fashionable without the hefty price tag! And its all thanks to wonderfully creative twin sisters – Rebecca and Louisa Warwick who set up the brand in 2008 and follow all the trends that inspire their great collection! Below are my favourite pieces from the website, but there is so much more for you to discover! Just visit!

  1. Molly Large Acrylics Collar – probably the most important accessory of past year, £29
  2. Alexa Chunky Gold Chain – the affordable version of hot accessory I previously blogged about here, £16
  3. The Punk Collar – the black version, absolutely a must have, £17
  4. Mento Green Crystal Ring – the cocktail ring, totally trending as blogged about here, £22
  5. Lana fine Silver Chain Ring – possibly named after Lana Del Rey as she is a fan of double rings, £24
  6. Kesi Agate Stone Cuff – statement piece that adds the needed fashion factor to any outfit, £14
  7. Siew Fluorescent Yellow Earrings – bright colours are totally this season, so add some as your ear pieces, £23
  8. Keira Full Spiked Ear Cuff – the rock chic accessory, £14

Lestie Lee

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Diamonds are the girl’s best friend, sang Marylin. And this Hong Kong born, Saint Martins educated jewellery designer agrees! After studying gemmology her fascination with diamond cutting process inspired designs of her London made jewellery label that pays a tribute to the special form of carbon. Cute, stylish and very interesting indeed! And where can you purchase them, you might ask? On of course – online jewellery store ran by ex-Made in Chelsea actress Amber Atherton. If this is what she quit the scripted reality show for then hats of to the girl, she is doing a brilliant job and if you haven’t already do look around the website, there are so many hidden gems waiting discovery!

  1. Diamond Trillion Charm Ring, £140
  2. Diamond Cage Ring, £182
  3. Heart and Oval Diamond Charm Pearl Bracelet, £384
  4. Diamond Cage Stud Earrings, £168

Taste the Sunshine

April 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t know if that’s just me, but I get terribly affected by weather. Hence as much as I love London, I am hardly ever satisfied with weather conditions. Right now it is April and it feels like we already had our summer, a glorious week of sun and warmth at the end of March when I managed to get a tan by sitting out on the terrace, and now we are back in miserable grey autumn. So right now, Londoners more than anyone need a reminder that we are indeed in Spring Summer season. And I found the way to do so with help from Lanvin Jewellery:  Palm Earrings (£300) are ideal way to feel all summery! There will be a few of you who would not like those earrings just because they are not symmetrical, but I believe that is what makes them fun: break the rules and feel free! Isn’t it exactly what summer is about?

(Well, OK, maybe I am reading way too much into Palm and Pearl combination but forgive me for trying to brighten the mood under the grey skies. Someone is in need of urgent holiday…)

Statement Necklace For Less

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am sure if I told someone this necklace was by Tom Binns or Erickson Beamon (my two favourite jewellery designers at the moment) no one would bat an eye lid. Indeed this necklace can easily pass for £500-900 piece of jewellery, but the truth is it’s only £69.99! It is Mango Touch Beetle Necklace, an online exclusive which unlike most other items in the category does feel special (most of the time ‘online exclusives’ aren’t great – they are given the label due to shortage of stock).

Statement necklaces like this are considered great fashion investments – you would wear them all the time since they go with almost anything. This one is no exception: it is bold yet feminine so would suit different clothing styles plus its colour palette opens up many coordination possibilities. Altogether probably the best £69.99 you would ever spend on a piece of jewellery!

Lock Me, Louis Vuitton

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

You can’t buy love. Yet some symbols of love can indeed be purchased. And throughout history jewellery was top pick on the list as a present that symbolises deep feelings (or in modern day symbolises something more along the lines of ‘I’m sorry I had an affair’). Ever since the release of Cartier Love collection, it has been the go to range for those kind of presents but now Louis Vuitton Lock Me collection has entered the game at a lower price range. Romantic symbolism of locks, keys and hearts plus the design of the buckle that is LV through and through – what more could you possibly want!

Available in up to 4 colours (Amarante, Ecaille, Black and Pomme d’Amor) the prices are as follows: pendant £340, bracelet £340, ring £180 and earrings £270.

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